Depression is a mental health disorder in which we lose interest in a mental activity it is due to overthinking.

What is Smiling Depression?

Smiling depression is a term for someone living with depression on the inside while appearing perfectly Happy or content on the outside. What’s more, people with walking or smiling depression may overcompensate for how they feel on the inside by appearing extremely together on the outside.
We all know about depression and sometimes in life, we all are the victim of depression because we all had to move forward in life, and in this, we all forget our self.

Did you know we all are suffering from depression or mental illness? Depression can happen to anyone, it can be from 10 yr. old youngster to oldest person and anyone is the victim of depression

If we have any disease, we go to the doctor, but why does it not happen with brain disease, why do we go to the brain doctor (psychiatrist) here, we are all ill with the brain.

Firstly we must  know

What is real happiness?
Happiness, have you ever got happiness from the heart, what is the happiness that you show today, that is not the happiness of the heart
When was the last time you happy from the bottom of the heart
Remember it or not
We are happy every day but are we happy from the soul.
no, we are not,
so, Just pretend that we are happy is smiling and walking depression.

So here our topic “smiling or walking depression”

Everyone is thinking that depression is okay, but what is this smiling and walking depression?

A person is going through his life laughing, wondering if today’s day is bad, what happened, tomorrow will be good tomorrow, so keep smiling even if you don’t like to laugh yet keep smiling, a person is not happy but showing off to be happy.
 this is a smiling depression.

How To Diagnose?

So now how to diagnose it, how will we know about it!

1. You are not enjoying anything
2. Energy is low, nothing excites u
3. Be angry and irritated, and again normal after some time
4. Every time say no to ourselves, and being boring
5. Lost intrust in everything
6. Wants to be alone

So why does everything happen
It is because of overthinking and loneliness
Overthinking and thoughts are not your past these are self-creating thoughts in overthinking we only just create imaginary thoughts and get caught in the same bug deep down and which affects our mind.
its main problem is loneliness Don’t be overthinking try to ignore everything don’t mind every little thing always be happy.

Directions to Overcome this Situation

Now, how to overcome this:
Talk to any close person, tell him everything, what is going on in your mind, how are you feeling?
And tell him that you just listen to me but don’t judge me, don’t give me any advice just only listen.

And after that, u feel the change in you.
After this, many will feel that we cannot share with any such person. We cant trust What do we know about the fur in front, then what should we do what do we know about the person in front will judging us, then what should we do
So, we have a solution for this,
you take a white paper and make a dot on it and after that try to make anything, whatever you won’t just run the pen on paper, what will happen to it that thoughts will start coming into your mind and your hands will start moving, as the speed of thoughts will increase, the speed of your hand will also increase. and at last what u see that what is this you can’t understand just like your thoughts in which you are always trapped.

“If you know someone who’s depressed, please resolve never to ask them why. Depression isn’t a straightforward response to a bad situation; depression just is, like the weather.

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