What is life??
What is the purpose of life??
Why had we born?
Why we die?

These are some questions which are in our mind many times .

Life is all about a drama in which we all are playing a specific role.
When we born, our character starts playing role in the drama of life.
When our role will complete , then for us the drama will complete and this one is called death. And our soul get union with god.

This is alive, we don’t have to do so much, we just have to play our character, and sometimes we can’t do this properly, we keep crying and complain about negative but we never see the positive side
when we start see things positively then everything will be better.

”Life is the same as we make it like we are playing our character and making our character best”.

There is a song of dear jindagi movie
      ” jo dil se lage use kahado hye! hye! hye!
        jo dil na lage use kahado bye! bye! bye!”

Everyone must have heard, but someone thought about it how much they said the right thing, keep what you think at rest, and remove what you don’t think from your life.
It means be happy, don’t get upset and live your life, play your character and do good
Just love yourself and live your life however you want just do whatever you want.

Do what your heart says.
Always hear your heart and be happy
Why you get upset about small things and turn off your mood

why you let control your mood by anyone
you must realize that nothing extremely can upset you or hurt you without your mental consent
you are the only one cause of your mood swings not anyone else.

Do not let your emotions fall under anyone’s control, your emotions are your own, when you understand this, then life will be very perfect.
You will leave without worrying
And the work that you want, you will start to feel that the distractions will stop coming.
If you want to be successful in life, then control over emotions but no one else.
But this does not mean that you control it to become a dead corpse, there is no difference or no cry
Get out of your own emotions
Feeling like crying: cry out loud
Feeling like shouting: Shout
Dance like you dance.

What will happen with this, whoever has any frustration in mind, will take it out
If someone says that a person is weak due to crying, then this is absolutely wrong
Humans will become more strong after crying.

If you feel like crying, then you should cry. If you hide the emotion, then you will not become strong
you become week, when you are not able to fight your own emotions then how will you fight the world, get out your emotions and enjoy your freedom.

Never live in past just live in present and think about your future not your past because past is gone and you have to make your future bright not your past because you can’t change your past but you can do it with your future try hard and go for it.

1 more thing with emotions is necessary to live life well with your thoughts.

What are you thinking, why are you thinking, what do you want , why do you want?
these are the common questions you have to know before it.

I am telling you a story…
A young boy of a school and he become a doctor, he told me that “i am getting very poor grades .
my memory is failing i don’t know whats the matter what can i do ? i will not become a good doctor like that.
So, the only thing wrong was his attitude . he adopted a new mental attitude by realizing how important his studies and then he studied hard and think our self at that stage of life where he always wants to be.
So through their hope and thinking and his hard work he become a good doctor.
There was a spiritual power within him ,actually that is also the cause of power.
He begins to claim that his memory was perfect and he did hard work and success in his life.

Life is what you make it…

  • Do whatever you want.
  • It will become what you wish. 
  • Never think negative and don’t get distracted when you are on your goals.
  • Everything will be fine and great.
  • Life is short but beautiful.
  • Nothing is more important then your priorities, do not waste time into something worthless.
  • Observe small things.
  • Everything will be good at last.
  • And your own problems will start falling short.
  • Problems are in everyone’s life,only important thing is how to handle it.
  • If you do not suffer, how will you know happiness.

“अगर सब कुछ मिल जाएगा जिंदगी में तो तमन्ना किसकी करोगे,
 कुछ अधूरी ख्वाहिशें ही तो जिंदगी जीने का मजा देती है”

Nothing happens with arguments
We should understand.
Understanding this front-facing point.
Not your own point
If arguments are there so there is no understanding.

No one is wrong their views are different sometimes-
-just like 6 and 9

Someone seeing 6 and someone seeing 9

It is a matter of view of both
When this concept will be understood
Life will be very easy, valuable  and interesting.

Life bahut sunder or interesting h bs use dakhne k or jeene ka nazariya badalne ki jarurt hai
hum kuch bhi kr skte hai life me bas khud pe bharosa rakhne  ki jarurt h.

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