Dreams are involuntary These are images and stories created by the mind when we sleep.These are “Unconscious desires and wishes, and express hidden desire. “These are the communication between the subconscious mind and your dreams will be any hidden desire, any memory, any visual and auditory perception.

The meaning of a dream would depend on what you link your dream image to

When we sleep there are 5 stages of sleep

 1.) It takes 4-5% of total sleep-         Light sleep, in this time period body, relaxed slow eye moment and reduce activity. 2.) Takes 45-55% of total sleep- 
     Eyes moment stop, brain activity becomes slow 3.) Takes 4-6% of total sleep-        in this stage, brain activity becomes smaller 4.) Takes 12-25% of total sleep-       This stage is the DEEP SLEEP stage       In this, there is no eye moment and muscle activity. And it is difficult to wake someone in that deep sleep time 5.) Takes 20-25% of total sleep-      This phase causes dreams. in this stage REM (rapid eye moment), rapid and irregular breathing, shallow eye jerk, heart rate increase, blood pressure increase.        

1.) Pleasant and unpleasant dreams2.) Nightmares3.) Recurring 4.) Lucid dreams

1.) PLEASANT AND UNPLEASANT DREAMS-Dreams are related to your state of mind Unpleasant dreams are due to a bad mood, stress, anxiety, fear, or a bad state of mind. And opposed to that there are pleasant dreams you are not in a depressed state of mind, you feel good and it will reflect in your dreams as well
2.) NIGHTMARES -Bad dreams create the feeling of horror or sadnessNight terrors are different from NightmaresNight terrors are most common in children and they occur during the first few hours of sleep.
3.) RECURRING DREAMS -Recurring dreams are those that one repeatedly experiences or views. The frequency of this event may vary, the details of the dreams may alter, but the overall theme remains the same. Also, these recurring dreams may not always make sense to the person experiencing them. For others, it may seem like a chapter of their lives being replayed. We may see familiar faces, or scenes, or encounter unseen landscapes and sights.
4.) LUCID DREAMS –    It is also known as conscious dreaming this dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. they may have some control over their dreams

Did you know your dreams can predict your future?

Yes, it’s right your dreams can predict your future, but not all dreams are predictable. some can reflect your state of mind at that point of time

Sometimes all of you think, Do blind peoples dream? yes or no…so here the answer, yes, they dream, but in their dreams, images are absent or blur in their dreams. It depends upon person to person, but yes they dream 

Sometimes we have a dream of a stranger many of you wants the answer

.yes ,so when we dream of a person doesn’t mean that we know them personally but deep down we want that type of person in our lives and we really want to meet them in real life so we dream of that stranger.

Many peoples claim that they don’t dream.this is not true we all dream, but up to 60% of peoples don’t remember what they dream.

Did you guys know you don’t read anything in your dreams and the same with the clock? Yesss… it’s true if you are unsure whether you are dreaming or not, try reading something, most dreamers are incapable of reading. and same with clock, each time you look at a clock it will tell a different time and the hands of the clock won’t appear to move   

These different kinds of dreams can be experienced during various phases of life so don’t be afraid of a nightmare nor be egoistic of a good dream Believe in your word and follow your instinct. These dreams can act to warn you in certain cases.                   

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