इंसान  कभी इंसान को धोखा नहीं देता ,
धोखा दे जाती है उसकी उमीदे
जो वो दुसरो से रखता है.” 


This is a fact that we got hurt when we do expectations from others. And the person we have expectations with, can’t make it.
So the thing is obvious if we don’t keep expectations from a person or we work on it, we also don’t get hurt whatever the result came.
And here is a ‘but’ that screams we can’t do this on our own (to not keeping expectations with whom we have a bond).
We expect from a person when we trust him/her.
But the point is-
From where the trust comes? Why?
It comes with the person, maybe he/she is trustworthy that we even think that the person is last-longer in our life.

When we love someone, our trust(with the person) gets stronger with time which results in the expectations which go higher also. Both are very dependent processes.

Actually, the problem is not with what we expect from whom, in what sense. The root of the problem is the selection of the right person because a wrong person came with great destruction and apocalypse in our life.

Choose wisely, give some time to him/her and take some time for you because this selection can make your life or can create an apocalypse for you.

If the person is right for us then our expectations don’t go in vain. Just look at his/her efforts that what he/she is going through to make us happy, to do things in the way we want.

You just have to control your too much expecting from the peoples that don’t even exist in your life. Trust me you will be awesome with zero expectations from anyone.

In the last, the right person(your person) will always give his/her 100% effort to make your bond stronger. “Right things come with the Right person”.

Don’t look at the result, it isn’t in our hands. Efforts are the only we can make to satisfy our expectations. That’s it!

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  1. Charita Chaudhary

    Yeah this is factual things of our life’s , what we feel and learn.

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