Dreams Dreams are involuntary These are images and stories created by the mind when we sleepThese are “Unconscious desires and wishes, and express hidden desire”These are the communication between the subconscious mind and your dreams will be any hidden desire, any memory, any visual and auditory perception     The meaning of a dream would depend … Read more


EMOTIONS : There are kinds of emotions – Happy, Sad, Confused, Angry, Fear, Calmness, etc. so here is a question, what are emotions?Firstly, do an activityjust close your eyes and think negative,-                                                … Read more


FRUSTRATION  Life is full of frustrations from a loss of small things to failure towards goals. FRUSTRATION Frustration is the emotion of against or opposition The feeling of unable to change or achieve somethingThe feeling of being an upset or constant feeling of losing somethingFrustration comes as anger  Frustration is the negative behavior CAUSES OF … Read more


ATTITUDE: WHAT ACTUALLY IT LOOKS LIKE Attitude  The word ‘Attitude’ we often perceive this word in a negative way.Why??Because we don’t know what attitude actually is.Attitude is our reaction developed naturally towards anyone.It reflects your character towards others, with others, for others.   BELIEVE IN YOURSELF                          … Read more


LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT What is life??What is the purpose of life??Why had we born?Why we die? These are some questions which are in our mind many times . Life is all about a drama in which we all are playing a specific role.When we born, our character starts playing role in the … Read more


SMILING AND WALKING DEPRESSIONDepression is a mental health disorder in which we lose interest in a mental activity it is due to overthinking. What is Smiling Depression? Smiling depression is a term for someone living with depression on the inside while appearing perfectly Happy or content on the outside. What’s more, people with walking or smiling … Read more


WHAT IS OVERTHINKING? Overthinking is thinking about something too much or too long.Overthinking is all about thoughts and our thinking regards anything.When we think about anything too much which may lead to mental illness like depression, anxiety, and overthinking it may lead to stress. You can start to overthink a small problem or small thing … Read more


WOW    If you are a teacher, parent, guardian please give support each and every Children with this WOW concept so here is the wow concept W – WORTHY – say you are worthy I do not define you by marks, ability, and             background O – ORIGINAL – you are original  … Read more